I think the only way you experience and understand God's purpose for your life, is through embracing the task at hand as if it is God's will for you at that moment. Doesn't matter how big or small, it's just another link in the chain.


About Me

I became a Christian in 1965 as a direct result of the personal witness of John Wimber, who later became the leader of the Vineyard Movement. In our little Quaker church in Yorba Linda, coming to Christ meant committing to Christ, His Church and His Cause.

As a young boy, and then as a young man, I was a very active participant in the life of the church. For the most part, whenever the doors were open, I was there. From the time I was 11 years old until I was 22, I had experiences in ministry ranging from door to door witnessing, Jail team ministry, Sunday School teaching and everything in between. I even began substituting for John at some of his weekly Bible studies.

I was one of many who lived a life in which attendance and service in the church was the clearest indication of one's commitment to Christ. It was without a doubt a 'doing' church. The end result was that many of us ended up somewhat burnt out and feeling that there had to be more on a personal and intimate level with God. 

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